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About Us.

“Mukti Social Service Organization”  is an NGO in odisha who directly benefits to the childrens and their families every year through many welfare projects depending upon the education, health, and women empowerment, child development,famer’s training ,consumer awreneess and swaccha bharat abhiyaan  in slum areas across all over the odisha. We think that every child deserves the best no matter it is a girl or a boy that’s why we provide health  and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginated communities. Realizing this, Mukti Social an NGO in Odisha, begins from  the corridors of education, adopted a lifecycle approach of development. We also  focuses on the empowerment of women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination; and suffer abuse and violations in the realisation of their right. A women have the power to help whole families and entire communities overcome poverty, marginalisation and social injustice.

Today, 8 million children in India are out of school –Many families are surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; Womens are fighting a daily battle for their survival and their rights. so let’s move one step forward with us because  Together, we can help them and bring hope in their lives.

Mission –  Our mission is to develop a society where the all section of people will live a happy life, whether male or female , reach or poor.  We provide training campus and seminars for slum areas, to give them proper idea and education for them.

Vision –  Our vision is to remove the gap between rich and poor. We aim for the development of the under-privileged section of the society, as well as for the youth development to give them training for enabling them to became self employed .

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